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Less time tracking and monitoring employees timesheets , more time on decision making and analysis .

 PayPoint Time and Attendance Software is an integrated fully automated employee attendance tracking management system that relieves enormously HR managers from all repetitive ,tedious and challenging tasks of monitoring and handling all employees’ timesheets ,Hours calculation and information.

No more End of Month worries ! Pay on time every time

Accurately Capture Employee's Clock In and Clock out at any location

Pay your employees Accurately ! No more calculation errors

Real time reporting


Prevents time fraud

Handles multi-locations scenarios

Handles complex & variable shifts


Integrates with Payroll & Leave Request Module

Interfaces with card based ,Fingerprint ,Hand Punch, Facial Recognition terminals

Improves staff productivity with automated processes

Whether you are a small , medium-sized business or a large company, PayPoint  Time and Attendance solution can be easily customized to fit your exact needs and help you manage your employees Time Keeping  confidently.




Flexible & highly parameterized system that can be easily configured to best handle every company’s most sophisticated demands


Quick ,accurate On –time hours calculation


Flexible & powerful policies configuration .

Companies can establish and enforce rules for all their attendance policies

  • Penalties for late arrivals, early departures
  • Grace Periods 
  • Leaves & holidays
  • Absence tracking
  • Worked Leaves , Holidays or Day off  treatment
  • Overtime Management
  • Paid & unpaid breaks
  • Missing Punch management
  • Sickness Leave tracking

Stress free shifts & work scheduling

Handles complex time attendance shifts scenarios like :

  • Rotational shifts
  • Floating  Day Off 
  • Weekly changed schedules
  • optional shifts
  • Over Night (After Midnight)

Manage by exception, and adjust easily or automatically

  • Missing punches 
  • unjustified absences
  • & any conflict

Powerful & analytical tools to track trends & habits of employees such as tardiness , absenteeism

Centralized shared & Unified Employee Information

  • Legal documents Scanned & tracked by expiry date (Passport , work permit …)

  • Awards

  • Warnings

  • Medical File

  • Training


Stress Free Shifts & Employee Scheduling

Handles complex time attendance shifts scenarios like :Rotational shifts or floating  Day Off or weekly changed schedules

Build and manage your team’s  work weekly schedules in minutes PayPoint will prevent  conflicts by making it easy to view each employee’s availabilty.


Automated Alert Notifications & Scheduled Reporting

Keep managers and employees up-to-date with the latest scheduling, attendance  information as well as the exceptions: Tardiness, Absenteeism,Overtime…


Project Time tracking and Costing

Forget your projects’ job costing challenges.

Pay your employees Accurately & Fairly for their effective work even if you have different projects at the same time ,and employees having different pay rates .

Just Allocate the time worked on each project or let your employees punch in & out using any Time attendance device or simply by using the Mobile Web punch with Geo-location Module .

Fully automated time tracking system allowing your employees to CLOCK IN and OUT using different Biometric Time Attendance machines

Face Recognition    Fingerprint   Hand punch

Mobile Web Punch with Geo-location

Employees can clock in and out from anywhere as long as they have a computer or mobile. Geo-validation with GPS tagging helps you track their exact location at the time of the punch .

Geo-fencing can also be used to restrict punches to specific predefined locations.

Empower Engage & Connect with your Employees with the Self Service Module

Allow your employees to instantly access attendance information, punches details, Time off requests as well as personal and financial data. Information and communication made easy!

Eliminate multiple data entry and reduce bookkeeping errors .

PayPoint Time Attendance Module  offers seamless integration with

On Line Leave Request

Everything you will ever need to manage your employees Leaves . Flexible and fast approval system. Handles all types of leaves: Vacations , Sickness , Personal ,missions… 


Quick , accurate ON TIME Payroll generation. can easily be configured to best handle the local legislative ,governmental and regulatory (NSSF,TAX,EOS …) requirements as well as the company’s most sophisticated demands.

HR & Performance Appraisal

Everything you will ever need to automate ,assess, analyze , and improve employee’s performance .Powerful scoring formulas with weighted factors . Fast calculation of scores.


Allow your employees to access attendance information, punches details, Time off requests as well as personal and financial data. Information and communication made easy!

25+ years of experience in HR software

Efficiency Proven

Excellent & Friendly Customer Support

Join thousands  of Leading companies in Lebanon and in the region that count on PayPoint and consider it to be the Best Time Attendance & HR Software in Lebanon .

Whatever challenges you are facing ,  our team of consultants will configure and customize the software to fit your exact needs ! 

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