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ATS and recruitment software [ APPLICANT TRACKING system]

Fast Recruiting of High Quality Applicants with the right Recruitment  Management Software

PAYPOINT  Recruitment module is an integrated fully automated ATS Applicant Tracking System  that offers HR managers the right tools to automate , streamline and improve the recruitment process : from Job Posting , candidate screening ,interviewing to onboarding  the best candidate for the Job!

Automates repetitive tedious and challeging tasks

Enables applicants to quickly and easily apply for Jobs

Manage applicants and the whole recruitment process all in one place

Faster Hiring of High quality candidates


Easy to configure Pipelines & Workflows

Streamlines employee Onboarding process


Integrates with PayPoint HR

Improves communication

Improves staff productivity with automated processes

Whether you run a small , medium-sized business or a large company, PayPoint  ATS Applicant tracking Software can be easily customized to fit your company’s exact hiring needs and will help you process and manage candidates’ applications  smartly .


Paypoint Applicant tracking system - recruitment software

Rich Candidate profiles in one centralized database


Whenever  an applicant submits his application , PayPoint ATS  Applicant Tracking System automatically stores all of the applicant’s documents like their application, cover letter, CV and contact information, creating their searchable candidates’ profiles.

recruitment ATS applicant tracking software

Flexible Job Requisition and Approval

Configurable approval flow for job  requisition submission  and the approval process .


Customized Pipeline stages per Position


Easy Job Posting and Fast Online Application submission


Selecting Top talent Candidates

To speed up the hiring process of selecting the best fit and top talent candidates, paypoint recruitment software offers tools such as special candidates filtering , screening, assessments ,Applicant evaluation scorecards  and more


Generating & Sending Offer Letters

PayPoint Recruiting software can generate a Job offer letter from PayPoint’s   letter  templates by automatically extracting offer details from the candidate’s  information and the Job description . The Offer can be easily sent to the candidate by mail for approval .


Build rich cv talent pools

Build your cv talent pools for future job openings. Once a need arises, use your rich cv talent pool  to search for best-match candidates


Easy team collaboration and communication

Eliminate multiple data entry and reduce bookkeeping errors .

PayPoint Time Attendance Module  offers seamless integration with

On Line Leave Request

Everything you will ever need to manage your employees Leaves . Flexible and fast approval system. Handles all types of leaves: Vacations , Sickness , Personal ,missions… 


Quick , accurate ON TIME Payroll generation. can easily be configured to best handle the local legislative ,governmental and regulatory (NSSF,TAX,EOS …) requirements as well as the company’s most sophisticated demands.

HR & Performance Appraisal

Everything you will ever need to automate ,assess, analyze , and improve employee’s performance .Powerful scoring formulas with weighted factors . Fast calculation of scores.


Allow your employees to access attendance information, punches details, Time off requests as well as personal and financial data. Information and communication made easy!

25+ years of experience in HR software

Efficiency Proven

Excellent & Friendly Customer Support

Join thousands  of Leading companies in Lebanon and in the region that count on PayPoint and consider it to be the best  HR  ATS & Recruitment Software in Lebanon .

Whatever challenges you are facing ,  our team of consultants will configure and customize the software to fit your exact needs ! 

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