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Experience powerful Leave Management Software with Swift Approvals,
Customized Leave Rules !

  PayPoint HR Online Leave Request module  is a powerful fully automated Leave management system that offers powerful tools for the HR manager to track employees time-off (like yearly vacations, sickness , personal time off, and leaves of absence)..

No more XLS sheets for yearly vacations balances and No more paper Hassle !

Transparency is Enhanced

Quick Approval System

Real time reporting & Visibility


Easy audits for all leaves

Ensures legal compliances


Integrates with Payroll & Attendance Modules

Improves staff productivity with automated processes

Whether you are a small , medium-sized business or a large company, PayPoint  Leaves Management solution can be easily customized to fit your exact needs and help you manage your employees Time off  confidently.



employee requesting a leave

Empower your employees to request and manage their leaves and absences quickly, allowing you to focus on HR issues that require your full attention .



Allow team leaders and managers to approve their own team's time-off and drive your business evolution.



Managers approving employee Leave


Leaves ,Time OFF  and Vacation tracking become easy and straignforward when you can access PAYPOINT’s   self-service portal, and the central team absence calendar. 


Accessible from Mobile or PC


Quick Approval System


Flexible & powerful approval flows configuration


Accurate and uptodate yearly leaves & Sickness Balances


Plan resource availability ahead easily

Ensure team members do not go on  leave at the same time , and let the employees plan ahead their leaves and especially vacation time to avoid having their requests turned down by line managers at the last minute.


Manager Dashboard

As a manager with the dashboard ,team calendars  and reports , you can monitor  vacations , paid leaves or unjustified absences  and quicky review requests for approval


Automated Alert Notifications & Scheduled Reporting

Keep managers and employees up-to-date with the upcoming approved leaves  and the latest scheduling, attendance  information .


Powerful & analytical tools to track trends & habits of employees such as tardiness , absenteeism

happy employees taking leave

Employers should always encourage emloyees to plan and take annual leave, to help maintain employees’ health ,productivity and motivation. This will also prevent building up an excessive amount of leaves to take at the end of the leave year or to be carried over for next year



Eliminate multiple data entry and reduce bookkeeping errors .

PayPoint Time Attendance Module  offers seamless integration with

On Line Leave Request

Everything you will ever need to manage your employees Leaves . Flexible and fast approval system. Handles all types of leaves: Vacations , Sickness , Personal ,missions… 


Quick , accurate ON TIME Payroll generation. can easily be configured to best handle the local legislative ,governmental and regulatory (NSSF,TAX,EOS …) requirements as well as the company’s most sophisticated demands.

HR & Performance Appraisal

Everything you will ever need to automate ,assess, analyze , and improve employee’s performance .Powerful scoring formulas with weighted factors . Fast calculation of scores.


Allow your employees to access attendance information, punches details, Time off requests as well as personal and financial data. Information and communication made easy!

25+ years of experience in HR software

Efficiency Proven

Excellent & Friendly Customer Support

Join thousands  of Leading companies in Lebanon and in the region that count on PayPoint and consider it to be the Best Time Attendance & HR Software in Lebanon .

Whatever challenges you are facing ,  our team of consultants will configure and customize the software to fit your exact needs ! 

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