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Payroll & HR system

Secure , Accurate, Compliant with Peace of mind.

Pay your employees Accurately , On time every time


Compliant with latest payroll legislation


Generates all statutory social security ,tax and labor forms (R6,R10,R10...)

Customizable and Configurable to fit your exact needs


Secure platform that provides peace of mind throughoutt the organization


Integrates with Time Attendance module

Improve staff productivity with automated processes

Whether you are a small business, a medium or a large company, PayPoint  payroll system can be easily customized to fit your exact needs and help you manage your employees pay confidently.

With PayPoint  your HR manager can focus on strategic decisions by eliminating all manual processes .



Flexible & highly parameterized system that can be easily configured to best handle the local legislative, governmental and regulatory requirements as well as the company’s most sophisticated demands


Quick ,accurate On –time payroll generation


Centralized information related to the employee’s current or historical status whether financial , managerial or personal.


Unlimited types & formulas of pay Items : bonus , schooling , advance ,loans ,deductions, benefits ...


Calculates Tax , nssf and end of service provisioning


Generates all legal & statutory forms including the electronic tax forms uploaded to ministry of finance 's website


Generates bank transfers


Generates accounting vouchers which can be exported to Third Party accounting systems


Powerful analytical reports & statistics

Empower Engage & Connect with your Employees with the Self Service Module

Allow  your employees to view their payslips online through the self-service portal

 Send them automated encrypted emails with their monthly payslips

25 years of experience

Excellent and friendly after sale support. 

Whatever challenges you are facing ,  our team of consultants will customize the software to fit your exact needs and to keep you up-todate and compliant with all payroll legislations !