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No matter which industry you are in

No matter the size of your company

PayPoint Payroll & HR is designed with your business in mind

PAYPOINT is designed with your business in mind.

For over 25 years, we have been helping companies of various industries of all sizes run a more efficient and accurate payroll & HR system.

We have always been listening to our customers’ needs and we have developed the system to allow owners & managers reduce administrative cost  , achieve maximum performance , generate payrolls confidently compliant with the latest legislations .

We understand what is needed to really make an HR system  work efficiently  ,and we offer easy solutions for dealing with employees’ everyday challenges.

We have a near 98% relicense rate and a significant amount of our work is through referral.

We would like to thank you for the excellent service provided by your company and for your quick response to our inquiry during this period.

We have, and will continue to recommend your services to other companies and contacts.

Once again, we appreciate your support and efforts , we will be looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

Nicolas Nicolas

HR Department, LC WAIKIKI- National Retailers Group SAL</p> <p>